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ILSWM project

ILSWM project – Chhari and Mant Villages, Mant Tehsil, District – Mathura, State – Uttar Pradesh, India

Sanitation Project

Indo Global Foundation has undertaken the voluntary project of improvement of the sanitation facilities in selected Villages in Rural India. In the first phase, Indo Global Foundation has undertaken the initiative in Villages Chhari & Mant, which are situated in Mant Tehsil of Mathura District in the state of UP.
The two Villages cumulatively have 1200 Houses having a population of 4500 (Male – 60% and Female – 40%). Sanitation facility is available for 10 % of the population only. The female population of this village is devoid of proper sanitation facilities. There is a need of proper and environment friendly sanitation facility in this village. Constructing only Toilets is not going to help the cause of SWACH BHARAT ABHIYAN. Along with the toilets there is need to have a proper WASTE WATER RECYCLING FACILITY, integrated with the Toilets Clusters of this village.


Project Implementation Plan:

  • Installation of minimum 160 community based Built Up Toilets along with minimum 16 nos of 2 KLD AUTOMATIC WASTE WATER RECYCLING PLANT ( EVOLUTION ), which will be integrated as 1 STP every 2 or 5 to 10 toilets depending on the cluster population in close proximity. minimum 8 STP to be installed in
  • Chhari village with minimum 80 built in community toilets and the remaining to be installed in Mant.a set of 2/5 / 10 community toilet and 1 STP per site in these villages shall hereinafter refer as one community toilet site. As per community usage pattern, we shall in some sites install 5 toilets with one 2 KLD STP or 4 KLD STP.
  • There shall be water tanks fitted to each community toilet site, such water tanks to be fitted to water pumps at site for ground water adequacy.
  • This Waste Water Recycling Plant integrated with the toilets clusters will treat and recycle the Waste Water generated by these toilets and make the waste water reusable.
  • The STP will operate based on power supply from a 300 watts solar PV System with 150 AH x 2 DC battery unit fitted to the Plant with two 36 Watt solar LED Light on 5 metres pole and 75 Watt solar module per site of one STP and 10 toilet cluster.
  • The Treated water by these Plants can be safely used for Irrigation or can be discharged into water bodies like Ponds, rivers etc.
  • The Toilets are made of FRP or LLDPE, fitted with a Ceramic WC and an inlet tape for incoming water.
  • The body material of the toilets (FRP, LLDPE, etc) makes it long lasting and durable because it is free from corrosion or erosion.
  • The AUTOMATIC WASTE WATER RECYCLING PLANTS are made of LLDPE body and the fitting and the fixtures are also of the same material, so this is also very durable and long lasting. Say it can work for 50 years (
  • Except the Electrical Parts like compressor, Motors or other electrical parts).
  • Solar PV system aided Waste water treatment plants will also be installed along with community toilets in the Mant Police Station, Mant Tehsil and Mant Main Market area.


Operational Principle: Evo-Enviro
Stage 1 – Equalisation Tank
Mechanical cleaning of the incoming waste water through intensively aerated bars for large debris. Treatment in the receiving tank equalization (PR) using big bubble aeration (CPA) and fine aeration. Waste water is mixed with Active sludge. Shifting of the mixture of the receiving tank to the aeration tank through the air lift pump.
Stage 2 – Aero Tank
Waster Water treatment in aeration tank of the first stage is done through activated Sludge by way of oxygen Saturation of the solution. This is done by finely aerated air bubbles, which uphold the mixture. Here periodic gentrification occurs, with functional change of time intervals of aeration and sedimentation.
Stage 3 – Settling Tank
Settling process takes place, Water is divided from Sludge, Plant goes itself on Self Cleaning Mode. Removal of excess sludge from the aeration tank of the first and the second stage is regulated into the bay. Self cleaning mode is entered by the inbuilt programmer four times a day.
Stage 4 – Purified Water Tank
Clean water is lifted into the purified water tank by automatic air lifts. Clean water is pumped out periodically from the plant and such treated water having 98% purity can be used for irrigation purpose and washing household utensils.

Benefits from the STP installations :
Assuming one toilet is used by 10 persons a day for two times daily in rural area, then it requires 2000 litres of water by a cluster of 10 Toilets per day. In absence of any treatment or recycling facility this 2000 litres will go down to the drain or even if discharged to the earth, this will contaminate the water table.
In this way we can save 12000 litres of water per day by treating and recycling it for its reuse and 43,80,000 litres of water in a year.
We are not only making the Waste Water reusable but also protecting against many communicable diseases.
The sludge from the STP is removed every two months under the O&M Plan and is directly used as manure for harvesting purpose.

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