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Solar Electrification Project

Rural Electrification Project through Installation of Solar PV Systems


There is an increasing focus on the development of solar energy in India for a variety of reasons, including our limited conventional energy reserves, their local environmental and social impacts, energy security issues, energy access, and tackling the challenge of climate change. Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, in particular, is emerging as an extremely attractive option, particularly with abundantly available solar resources, modular technology and zero fuel costs over 25-30 years of the project life. Considering this, the Government of India has recently expressed its intent to achieve 100 GW of solar capacity in the country by 2020, of which 40 GW is expected to be achieved through decentralized and rooftop-scale solar projects.- Director-General, TERI
Project site:
Indo Global Foundation has undertaken a Decentralised Distributed Generation (DDG)  Photovoltaic  based Rural Electrification system  in the state’s remote unelectrified villages / majras like Chhari where conventional grid electrification is not possible or in the villages where power supply is less than 6 hours a day by installing Renewable Energy Power Plants such as solar photovoltaic. IGF has adopted the Chhari and Mant villages for rural electrification project as a pilot project.

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Highlights of the project :
Rural Solar PV Module system based electrification in approx 800 homes in Chhari and Mant village with 250 homes in Chhari to be brought under the electrification project and the rest will be taken up in Mant Village from April to June 2016.
300 watt, 500 watt and 1400 watt roof top based Solar PV systems with Hybrid Inverter AC/DC with controller, 200 A.H./150 A.H.X2/120 A.H X 8 battery (SOLAR TUBULAR/GEL) with 8 hours power back up at full load will be installed and commission in the homes based on the requirements and consumptions.
Each house to be provided with 3 LEDs of 5 watts, a DC ceiling fan of 150-watt and 50 watts socket for electrical equipment like- mobile charger, television set, fan, music system etc. for upto 8 hours /day operation with a separate back-up of 2 days and, which will help villagers, students and women to have hassle free life activities hampered by the darkness of waning sun and will make them aware of the ongoing developments in the country and abroad.


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